Looking to generate more website visitors? SEO is a great source of organic traffic that can provide new leads and customers from your website. Here a 5 ways to improve your SEO rankings.

1. Title Tags

  The title tag is the description of the current page. This is important for SEO as its the initial text a visitor will read when your website appears on Search Engines. 

  Make sure to include the title tags on all your pages and including the name of your brand on each title tag such as “SEO Reports that helps websites rank | SearchInsight.io”

2. Heading Tags

  Heading tags are the found on the page content. They are used to separate topics on each page. 

There should only be one h1 per page and this should be the main topic of your page. The h1 tag should appear at the top of your page before the main content.

 H2 tags are used for subheadings. You can use multiple h2 tags on one page.

3. Meta Description

  The meta description is a summary of the page content. You can even include just the first paragraph of the page content if it gives an accurate overview of the content. 

The meta description should be between 150-160 characters. This will also be viewed in the search results listing after the title tag. Make sure the meta description supports the title tag to provide the website visitors with enough information of what the page is about before they click.

4. Loading time

  Site loading speed is crucial for SEO as it affects the user experience if the visitor needs to wait a long time to receive the information they are searching for.

  A slow loading website will also negatively affect the bounce rate of your website which is the time the client spends on your website.

Ways to improve your website load time is to optimize your website images and reduce animations on mobile devices. Having separate layouts for both desktop and mobile would be the most optimal.

5. Image Format

  Converting your images to Webp format helps with improving the speed of your website. There are plugins available for WordPress that will automatically convert your images into webp format without loss of image quality.

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